About Ridhima Batra

Nutrition Defined is the brainchild of Ridhima Batra. She is a clinical dietitian, a certified diabetic educator, and a specialist sports nutritionist. 

Ridhima is incredibly passionate about helping people understand the importance of nutrition in their lives and supporting them in altering their lifestyle habits to optimize their health – to maintain a healthy lifestyle and achieve a balance so as to live a long and happy life, free of ailments and health problems.

The modern lifestyle triggers a multitude of bottlenecks that stand in the way of good health like hormonal, digestive/gut imbalances and autoimmune issues, food intolerances/sensitivities, chronic fatigue syndrome, or environmental toxins like heavy metals and mold exposure, etc. This in turn has resulted in the rise of various ailments like PCOS, diabetes, obesity, hair fall and early ageing amongst a few.

Ridhima believes that keeping one’s body happy on the inside is just as important as grooming on the outside. We should mindfully cater to the root cause of the ailment, and its symptoms rather than masking them and focus on choosing the ingredients and food we consume to make our body happy. With wholesome food one can bring about remarkable changes in their overall health, stress levels, interpersonal relationships, and connections.

She recognizes that each person is dynamic with different lifestyles and that the diet should complement exactly that. A holistic undertaking that should be initiated keeping in mind a person’s unique needs with an access to the education they need to support their health to make small but impactful changes at a time. She provides confidential, personalized nutrition advice to meet the health and lifestyle requirements, whether for weight management or to manage a medical condition. 

Her guidance and support have helped over 3000 people in their wellness journey to optimize their eating habits and improve productivity.

Through her study of nutrition and the deep and complex biochemical processes that take place in the body she has been able to create meal plans to optimize for health and energy levels, the effects of which can be observed in all spheres of life. She aims to change the way nutrition is fundamentally looked at so that one can enjoy life to the fullest without missing out on anything! 

Her food philosophy is about teaching one to listen and honor their body by focusing on the nutrient-dense foods that nature has to offer and this translates into her work and vision at Nutrition Defined. Nutrition Defined programs help you master meal planning, reset digestion, manage health concerns through diet and lifestyle.